How I came to Fuck D.


D. HAS AN AMAZING body; with every bulge of muscle, curve and definition earned from waterproofing. From his perfectly ripped abs (thank you manual labor!) to his tight ass, there isn’t a part of him I wouldn’t pay cold hard cash to kiss, lick and fuck.

For almost 2 years, he was 1/3 of a tight knit friendship until we had a big fight over something neither one of us remembers anymore; for the next 6 months, we went our separate ways. And then one day, my phone rang and it was D. It wasn’t long before we were once again best friends and inseparable phone buddies. He’d listen to my newly broken heart for hours and I’d comfort him about his long distance relationship with a girl I never met but fiercely hate(d).
The first time D. came to my house is one I will never forget. It was a hot summer day and the same fire that ravaged my groin when I saw him consumes me every time I think about the first time his rugged sight made my pussy squirm and throb. D. was and still is built like a hot quarterback and the bright red shirt he donned that day did little to hide his big guns, chiseled pecs. He’d grown his thick, curly hair into a long ponytail, that would have made Fabio jealous. I was dying to pull off his rubber band and run my fingers through it.

I could feel my lace thong getting soaked with pussy juice as I fantasized about all the things I wanted him to do to me and me to him. My body was aching, even screaming out for me to kneel before him, grab his tight round ass, remove his leather belt and suck on his cock, like it was candy. I mean the feeling of wanting to spread my ass wide for a man to take me from behind and fuck my cunt was foreign to me, but at that very moment, I wanted D to fuck the daylights out of me, right then and there- in my mother’s oak kitchen. But she was standing right besides me.


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