Be careful what you fuck for.


When we opened our office, a little more than a year ago, D. and I decided to baptize our new endeavor the same way we’ve christened all the places we’ve ever lived in: by fucking like two vampire rabbits in heat. He took me in every position imaginable, with our favorite (doggy style) winning out. We made our way around; from room to room, screwing on tables, chairs or any available surface that we could hold onto, lean against or sit on- for that matter. As time went on, we noticed that every time we’d screw around (which happened often as two bored adults sat in a room waiting for costumers to show up) the business would flourish and we’d have new costumers.

BUSINESS HAS BEEN very slow this week and what better way to solve it than with a hot carnal sacrifice that would relax us better than a massage and make us money, we thought. Win-win! We hurriedly lower the blinds, place our “away sign” on the window and quickly make our way to the back. By the time I reach the staircase that leads to our sacred loft area, D.’s standing above me, his majestic glory revealed: thick as a forearm and throbbing in angst. Saying that I love D.’s dick is an understatement because I am mesmerized and in awe of the perfection of his cock. Behind his back, I call it Adonis, sometimes Zeus; but even such names don’t do it justice. With its fat, rugged veins that always send my sensitive walls into a feeding frenzy, his perfect length that strokes in so deep that I sometimes worry about my cervix to his girth- oh so thick, so wide, that never fails to make me squirt from orgasms any woman would be jealous of. Adonis has a personality of its own that is only rivaled by its meaty perfection and the fact that his master knows what to do with such a unit.

As I stand in front of the glass display case that lines the loft, D. caresses my exposed ass, then grabs me by my waist and kisses me. He pulls up my bra, cups my large tits and proceeds to simultaneously suck on my nipples. I’m driven off the edge. D. turns me around, propels me forward by my ponytail and gently holds me down. Instinctively, I brace myself and arch my back. Ready! With his free hand, he slowly strokes my moist pussy before forcefully guiding Adonis through to my cave’s awaiting warmth. As one, we move to the familiar beat. He reaches in deeper and faster. My body quivers, my pussy throbs. I’m rocked by orgasms that leave me weak but begging for more. I’m satisfied only if D. cums.

Then the doorbell rings.

We have a costumer.


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