Don't fuck with a man unless you can back it up!


I was horny all day yesterday and couldn’t stop fantasizing about D. So, I impatiently anticipated his return from work to fulfill the sexual promises I made via phone and text messages. But between work and the kids, I was so spent by the time he came to pick me up, that I wanted nothing more than my soft pillowtop and Hypnos’ soothing arms. Needless to say, he was disappointed and pouting. The next morning, I came across this blog post by BURBMAN and to be honest, its’ second paragraph scared me shitless because I know exactly which path holding out on sex- especially promised sex, (which I am very often guilty of) can lead us on. So, it goes without saying that fucking is mandatory today.

LATER THAT NIGHT, while D. tucked the kids in, I unbutton my black sheer top and strip off my blue jeans. Like most days lately, I wasn’t wearing panties and as I pretend to wash dishes, he comes up from behind me, caresses my ass and tries to finger my pussy. I giggle, like a naughty girl and push him away. He was still upset from the night before because he leaves. A few minutes later, I find D. relaxing on the sofa and going over a construction manual. I sit on his legs; he pretends not to notice that I am half naked and loudly sucking on a frozen fruit bar. Without looking up, he caresses my ass and slides his hand between my legs again. I am in heat and dripping wet from wanting his cock and by the look on his face and his hardening cock, he is dying to fuck me just as bad as I’m dying to be fucked.

As, his dick pulsates beneath my drooling, gyrating cunt, the manual topples to the floor. D.’s eyes are fixed on me as I deep throat- then lick and swirl my tongue around the cold strawberry bar. His jaw muscles tighten, his eyes darken; I pretend not to notice his powerless anger, his hate for still wanting me. In an instant, he crouches between my knees, spreads my legs wide and dives right in. I grab onto his long curly hair and offer him my pussy. Mission accomplished! I pull him in deeper, gyrate and moan “Eat this bitch” as he nibbles on my coochie and hungrily explores my pussy. With one hand, he removes my bra (yes, he is that good!) and covers my erect nipples and stiff clit with the chocolate mousse he’d been eating before sucking it off- clean! I grab his cock and try dipping it in the Yoplait cup, but it doesn’t fit; so, I dump it all over it and swallow his chocolate rock. I choke, come up for air and go right back in.

While I go down on him, D. grabs my head and guides me faster. I caress his scrotum and make my way to fantasy. Slowly my index goes into his depths. This catches him off guard, but he is too weakened by pleasure to stop me. As he begins to relax again, another finger goes in. By the time he penetrates me, the animal in D. is fully awake and his dick is as stiff as a flagpole. He rides and sticks my twat like he wants to tear it apart and I am L.O.V.I.N.G. every second, every thrust of it. Ecstasy takes over me as we shudder in delight and I beg him to stop but he is too far gone to hear me. I try to push him off, but he just slaps my ass and goes in deeper, faster. The explosion that rocks my insides catches me by surprise. As my pussy contracts and bursts free, juices squirt and flow out of me, past the towel and into the chenille sofa. “Don’t ever fuck with me like that again.” But we both know that he doesn’t mean it.

By miles, the best orgasm of the week, so far…


autumn said...

ooohhh sexy fun! sometimes it's like that hey? all angry and stuff. mmm.

i've got you on my roll now. i'll link you in a post as well if you like?

loves autumn

Lolita said...

Show me someone who can live without angry sex and I'll show you someone who doesn't know what they are missing.
PS: It would be an honor to be linked by the Misty Auumn :D

Total Chat said...

Interesting and honest article - you are certainly happy to share things about your relationship - I assume D knows that this blog exists?

Lolita said...

Thanks Total Chat. Because I am writing so honestly about something so important and private, D. doesn't know of of this blog.
And I plan to keep it that way! ;)

Freddie Sirmans said...

Wow, you look great.

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