SAYING THAT MY marriage is even close to perfect would be a blatant lie; so I won’t. But I will admit that D. and I bicker and argue like children a lot! As a matter of fact, the only thing we excel at besides loving and fucking each other to sleep is fighting like wounded bulls. And to be honest, I sincerely believe that it’s how passionately we fight each other and how we fuck with such abandon that our marriage has survived the tests of time.

I met D. in high school and we were but two thirds of a best-friendship. When I was in the eleventh grade, word reached my ear that D. had said that he felt sorry for the man who would ever marry me. Are you laughing? Because every time I think of how fate played him, I chuckle. Don’t get me wrong, I am a good (enough) woman. I work hard and once in a blue moon, I cook and even help him clean (lol!), but like the wind, I am difficult to predict and impossible to control; I am compulsive and I stand up for my beliefs and others regardless of the consequences. And yes, besides his OCD streak, infallible memory and timekeeping obsession D. is just like that too. We can’t be lead in any way or be told what not to do. I take pleasure in always blaming him for everything that goes wrong and he has got to always be right. So, it goes without saying that we compromise poorly!

Yet, in the two weeks since I started blogging about our sex life, I have started to not only notice small changes in our relationship but also in how we treat each other. D. is carefree and more relaxed around me and I know the fact that he doesn’t have to ask to get laid or complain about his “stress” has got a lot to do with his new state of being. By giving in to our bodies’ sexual urges and not putting off or arguing about sex, I can frankly say that I feel closer to D. because the pressure to perform we both felt has evaporated. And because I am blogging about our sex life, I find myself trying harder to squeeze it in and spice things up. I take his eagerness as proof that I am doing something right.

Many who’ve watched us bicker and fight over the years wonder how D. and I are still unseparated, undivorced. It for damn sure ain’t because of how good of a cook I am, how many times I say I love you or how loyal he is to me. It’s because when we fuck, the sex is so fucking amazing that with every thrust, every moan and orgasm we share, we mend past hurts, erase shortcomings and wipe the slate clean for a new beginning.

Ask me if I would choose money or love and without hesitation, I would pick my lover.

Upside down fuckfest.


The best thing about sex with D. is that even though we’ve been fucking for a while- or because of it, he still finds ways to excite and surprise me. He came home from work today- early and pissed off and whenever D. is angry, his cock is rock hard and ready to play with my cunt. He turns into a wild animal and if you haven’t guessed it already, I love it when D. goes bad.

I AM DOING the dishes from the night before while keeping a mental list of the groceries we are to pick up later tonight. D. walks past me, stops dead in his tracks and takes 3 steps back. I am not surprised when he wraps his arms around my waist. To be honest, I love it when he stands behind me while I cook or wash dishes; his warm breath on my face, his large dick pocking right at my ass. He kisses my neck and perks up my tits with his fingers. He whispers just how much he needs his cunt today and will take it by force if he has to. He threatens to fuck me silly, to make me beg for him to stop and I believe him because D. never lies.
Saying that today was rough would be an understatement.

As he grabs my arm and leads me to the bedroom, my heart is racing; knowing what awaits me makes me nervous yet, I can’t help being curious. D. is jerking off as he watches me strip and as my floral bra is falling to the floor, he pulls me on the bed, next to him. His lips brush against mine; we kiss. Drunk with bliss, my eyes remain closed as he moves me in front of him and starts to eat my pussy out . In an instant, I am flying upside down, to his leg. He swallows my coochie whole ; his tongue wastes no time drinking me in. Between screams of sheer delight and choc, I try to suck his cock inside out. I try to give him as much pleasure as he is giving me. By the time he penetrates me , I am so ready for his thick fill that it takes little for me to orgasm. But to be honest, it never takes D. much to make me squirt and orgasm. My pussy contracts and squirts. With every thrust of his cock, juices gush out of my slit and send me into heavenly seizures. I want to beg him to stop, to let me breathe but my words, moans and grunts fight their way past my throat and rush to exit my paralyzed mouth. As his thrusts speed up and bang me harder, D.’s eyes close, his mouth opens slightly as his body shakes and his dick pushes in deeper and deeper inside of me. I feel the head of his cock snug against my cervix and sensing his impending orgasm, I squeeze my pelvic muscles tight. He grabs my ass with his broad hands and kisses me madly; I feel his cock throb and thump inside me as his sperm flowed and filled my lake.
I have never loved a man more than I love D. at this very instant.

10 steps to getting fucked.


SO, YOUR HOTNESS is only rivaled by how good you are in the sac. Your shit don’t stink and your dick is the badest boy on the block; everybody knows it because nobody puts it down like you. Yet the last time you go got laid, was the night your baby was conceived. But before you give in to temptation, give my easy tricks a try.

*I* Please for the love of Eros stop whining about how little you’ve been fucking lately- contrary to common belief, by sticking to the whining tactic, the only action you will end up with is with your hand plus a night with a turned off, angry woman.

*II* Unless being begged for sex is a turn-on to her or you are aiming for the pity sex jackpot, Please guys, please I beg you: leave the begging to your dog. Women want a rugged, strong man and you know Wolverine doesn’t beg for pussy.

*III* There is more to your wife than her pussy. I know you know that. She knows you know that. But the point is that she needs to be reminded that you need and see her as more than a diaper changer, hump buddy or cum toilet. Take the time to take her out, compliment the color of her hair, how smart she is, etc... Appreciate the little things she does and you are sure to get rewarded. Stroke her ego and ye dick shall receive.

*IV* To get your wife to open her mouth and spread her legs, you need to open your heart and spread your ears. Yes, your wife needs your help and advice; but the truth is, like most women, she doesn’t want it. Yes, women are difficult. But all we want from you when we are going through an emotional turmoil and boring you to death about the new bitch with the fake tits in the office or stuck up mom at the park who talks to everyone but us, all we want from you is to:
*Listen and nod
*Empathize and agree
*Tell your wife you dislike the bitch too; then silently ponder if her co-worker's ass matches her tits and just how far you could stick up the milf.

*V* Lighten-up a woman’s load and she is more likely to (want to) give you that “hello stranger I never met before” fuck you enjoy so much. Women appreciate corny stuff just as much as they find fat babies cute. So, use this need for “aw!” to your advantage. Copy a poem you’ve found online and pass it off as your ode to her, take out the trash without her urging and put the kids to bed while she takes a bath or enjoy a quick relaxation. Your cock and pride will thank you later.

*VI* If your partner enjoys being constantly groped while she cleans, changes diapers and slaves over a hot stove, more power to her and by all means, grope away. But we all know that your woman ain’t one of those gems. So, refrain from the hand assaults as much as you can. Instead, caress her leg and smile at her, Massage her shoulders and ask if she is okay or just brush her hair back with your finger and gaze into the eyes you fell in love with.

*VII* At least 24 hours prior to the exact time you want to engage in enjoyable sexual activities, refrain from arguing with your wife. A great TV doctor once said “A man can either be right or he can be happy.” I think he was speaking from experience.

*VIII* Just because a woman doesn’t give you any does not mean that she doesn’t get horny. Like you, your spouse needs to know that you still find her as beautiful and attractive as the day you first met. Tell, email, twit, text, just how hot she is and how big of a hard on her sight gives you. Every time I walk towards my husband, I am excited to reach him because he kisses me on the lips and whispers in my ear “Are you naked or am I seeing through your clothes. I just want to fuck you right now.” Sometimes, all he says is “You are giving me such a hard on.” It just makes me want to bend over right then and there and suck it!

*IX* Be a man and do it right. If you can’t fuck her right to save your life, find out how/what she likes and watch porn geared toward women; then perfect what you have learned, then apply it!

*X* Be creative and surprise her. The worse thing than a woman scorned is a sexually frustrated woman because if you don’t satisfy her needs, the likelihood of you getting more from her, frankly, are slim to none.

You might be thinking, but Lolita, why waste so much energy to get laid if I can get my dick waxed somewhere else, no strings attached? Well, you tell me because frankly, I don’t know. But as a woman, it is nice to know that the man I love is willing to "fight" to get some from me the way he used to when we were dating.

Don't fuck with a man unless you can back it up!


I was horny all day yesterday and couldn’t stop fantasizing about D. So, I impatiently anticipated his return from work to fulfill the sexual promises I made via phone and text messages. But between work and the kids, I was so spent by the time he came to pick me up, that I wanted nothing more than my soft pillowtop and Hypnos’ soothing arms. Needless to say, he was disappointed and pouting. The next morning, I came across this blog post by BURBMAN and to be honest, its’ second paragraph scared me shitless because I know exactly which path holding out on sex- especially promised sex, (which I am very often guilty of) can lead us on. So, it goes without saying that fucking is mandatory today.

LATER THAT NIGHT, while D. tucked the kids in, I unbutton my black sheer top and strip off my blue jeans. Like most days lately, I wasn’t wearing panties and as I pretend to wash dishes, he comes up from behind me, caresses my ass and tries to finger my pussy. I giggle, like a naughty girl and push him away. He was still upset from the night before because he leaves. A few minutes later, I find D. relaxing on the sofa and going over a construction manual. I sit on his legs; he pretends not to notice that I am half naked and loudly sucking on a frozen fruit bar. Without looking up, he caresses my ass and slides his hand between my legs again. I am in heat and dripping wet from wanting his cock and by the look on his face and his hardening cock, he is dying to fuck me just as bad as I’m dying to be fucked.

As, his dick pulsates beneath my drooling, gyrating cunt, the manual topples to the floor. D.’s eyes are fixed on me as I deep throat- then lick and swirl my tongue around the cold strawberry bar. His jaw muscles tighten, his eyes darken; I pretend not to notice his powerless anger, his hate for still wanting me. In an instant, he crouches between my knees, spreads my legs wide and dives right in. I grab onto his long curly hair and offer him my pussy. Mission accomplished! I pull him in deeper, gyrate and moan “Eat this bitch” as he nibbles on my coochie and hungrily explores my pussy. With one hand, he removes my bra (yes, he is that good!) and covers my erect nipples and stiff clit with the chocolate mousse he’d been eating before sucking it off- clean! I grab his cock and try dipping it in the Yoplait cup, but it doesn’t fit; so, I dump it all over it and swallow his chocolate rock. I choke, come up for air and go right back in.

While I go down on him, D. grabs my head and guides me faster. I caress his scrotum and make my way to fantasy. Slowly my index goes into his depths. This catches him off guard, but he is too weakened by pleasure to stop me. As he begins to relax again, another finger goes in. By the time he penetrates me, the animal in D. is fully awake and his dick is as stiff as a flagpole. He rides and sticks my twat like he wants to tear it apart and I am L.O.V.I.N.G. every second, every thrust of it. Ecstasy takes over me as we shudder in delight and I beg him to stop but he is too far gone to hear me. I try to push him off, but he just slaps my ass and goes in deeper, faster. The explosion that rocks my insides catches me by surprise. As my pussy contracts and bursts free, juices squirt and flow out of me, past the towel and into the chenille sofa. “Don’t ever fuck with me like that again.” But we both know that he doesn’t mean it.

By miles, the best orgasm of the week, so far…

Old sex is new sex!


MANY BELIEVE THAT for a committed relationship to last and “succeed”, a couple’s personalities have to be compatible; they must share common interests and always agree with each other. Well allow me to disagree. To me what matters most besides D. and I being in love, is the fact that sexually, we are a perfect match. He has a higher sex drive than I do (and I’m blogging mainly to change that) but at the end of the day, we pleasure each other in ways that only love and (8) years spent together can afford us.

Yes, D. and I are constantly fighting. Not break the dishes, throw his clothes over the balcony fights; but disputes about things that we don’t even remember five minutes later or frankly care to. We are both stubborn, dominant and we cannot stand being told what to do. But when it comes to our sex life, we are harmonious and orgasmic. We share the same favorite positions standing dog and deep stick and I’m sure he could even pinpoint the exact location of my G-spot just by looking at my stomach.

Besides the first week after I lost my virginity to him, I have always been content. I can honestly say that I have never had to fake an orgasm with D. because not only does he take pleasure in satisfying me, he listens to me and fulfills my body’s needs. A few people have asked me if D. is the only man I’ve ever been with how would I know I’m not missing out “for sure”. I laugh and ignore them because they are the ones missing out. Plus when the perfect man and the right cock have found you, all you need to do is love back and spread wide because they are the perfect fit.

I have also heard and read that after eighteen months of being in a new (sexual) relationship, the excitement of “new sex” runs right out the door-without looking back and even IF the couple is still having sex at this point, it is unexciting and monotonous. Well I pay “studies” of the kind no mind and neither should you. As long as you are willing to fight for your love life, there is excitement and great sex to be found and shared with your lover. Give in to your fantasies by doing things to keep the spice steaming. Bring in new flavors by exploring your darker, naughtier sides and sharing! Make it your goal to always surprise and keep each other guessing; after all that is the lure of “new sex”: the uncertainty and mystery of what is to come next!

Be careful what you fuck for.


When we opened our office, a little more than a year ago, D. and I decided to baptize our new endeavor the same way we’ve christened all the places we’ve ever lived in: by fucking like two vampire rabbits in heat. He took me in every position imaginable, with our favorite (doggy style) winning out. We made our way around; from room to room, screwing on tables, chairs or any available surface that we could hold onto, lean against or sit on- for that matter. As time went on, we noticed that every time we’d screw around (which happened often as two bored adults sat in a room waiting for costumers to show up) the business would flourish and we’d have new costumers.

BUSINESS HAS BEEN very slow this week and what better way to solve it than with a hot carnal sacrifice that would relax us better than a massage and make us money, we thought. Win-win! We hurriedly lower the blinds, place our “away sign” on the window and quickly make our way to the back. By the time I reach the staircase that leads to our sacred loft area, D.’s standing above me, his majestic glory revealed: thick as a forearm and throbbing in angst. Saying that I love D.’s dick is an understatement because I am mesmerized and in awe of the perfection of his cock. Behind his back, I call it Adonis, sometimes Zeus; but even such names don’t do it justice. With its fat, rugged veins that always send my sensitive walls into a feeding frenzy, his perfect length that strokes in so deep that I sometimes worry about my cervix to his girth- oh so thick, so wide, that never fails to make me squirt from orgasms any woman would be jealous of. Adonis has a personality of its own that is only rivaled by its meaty perfection and the fact that his master knows what to do with such a unit.

As I stand in front of the glass display case that lines the loft, D. caresses my exposed ass, then grabs me by my waist and kisses me. He pulls up my bra, cups my large tits and proceeds to simultaneously suck on my nipples. I’m driven off the edge. D. turns me around, propels me forward by my ponytail and gently holds me down. Instinctively, I brace myself and arch my back. Ready! With his free hand, he slowly strokes my moist pussy before forcefully guiding Adonis through to my cave’s awaiting warmth. As one, we move to the familiar beat. He reaches in deeper and faster. My body quivers, my pussy throbs. I’m rocked by orgasms that leave me weak but begging for more. I’m satisfied only if D. cums.

Then the doorbell rings.

We have a costumer.

How I came to Fuck D.


D. HAS AN AMAZING body; with every bulge of muscle, curve and definition earned from waterproofing. From his perfectly ripped abs (thank you manual labor!) to his tight ass, there isn’t a part of him I wouldn’t pay cold hard cash to kiss, lick and fuck.

For almost 2 years, he was 1/3 of a tight knit friendship until we had a big fight over something neither one of us remembers anymore; for the next 6 months, we went our separate ways. And then one day, my phone rang and it was D. It wasn’t long before we were once again best friends and inseparable phone buddies. He’d listen to my newly broken heart for hours and I’d comfort him about his long distance relationship with a girl I never met but fiercely hate(d).
The first time D. came to my house is one I will never forget. It was a hot summer day and the same fire that ravaged my groin when I saw him consumes me every time I think about the first time his rugged sight made my pussy squirm and throb. D. was and still is built like a hot quarterback and the bright red shirt he donned that day did little to hide his big guns, chiseled pecs. He’d grown his thick, curly hair into a long ponytail, that would have made Fabio jealous. I was dying to pull off his rubber band and run my fingers through it.

I could feel my lace thong getting soaked with pussy juice as I fantasized about all the things I wanted him to do to me and me to him. My body was aching, even screaming out for me to kneel before him, grab his tight round ass, remove his leather belt and suck on his cock, like it was candy. I mean the feeling of wanting to spread my ass wide for a man to take me from behind and fuck my cunt was foreign to me, but at that very moment, I wanted D to fuck the daylights out of me, right then and there- in my mother’s oak kitchen. But she was standing right besides me.