This is Lolita on Drugs [part 2]


[ PART 1 ]

My seat is soaking wet from the numerous orgasms my body’s gifted me with and the car is permeated with the sweet stench of freshly produced cunt juice and D.’s thick cum is lazily making its way out of my warm pussy, past my soft thighs and down my silky, shaven legs. I couldn’t be happier except for the fact that I am still as horny as a Vegas slut and begging him for more.

We are on our way home are; making our way up the ramp down to the highway and I am still begging him to fuck me. As his familiar hand works its’ magic on my swollen coochie I kiss his neck, lick his ear and suck his lips all the while pleading, pressuring him to take me, to do with my body whatever he wishes, whatever his heart desires. He says nothing and as the alcohol takes a sudden turn for my brain, I get frustrated and angry. I accuse him of not wanting to tear up my cunt, why can’t he park the fucking car and fuck me ‘til I pass out from ecstasy. Why? He says nothing, just looks at me with his wide, perverted eyes and a sly grin at the corner of his full mouth. He suddenly grabs me by the hair and I instinctively jump back. But as usual, the Karatéka in him sees it coming even before my mind can process my body’s reaction. I am powerless as he forces me towards him and my head down between his firm thighs. My mouth stretches to conform to his erect girth and I begin to dive up and down his thick shaft and for once, I am too turned on to protest being manhandled this way- like a fuck toy.

For the next 45 minutes, I proceed to lick, suck, swallow and fuck his dick with my mouth and mischievously tease him with my suddenly insatiable lust. And by the moans and groans that escape his lips, I know I am doing something very, very right. As other drivers start to get closer to our car and knowingly peer in to watch my feat, I feel D. struggling to maintain our car on the open lane while trying to look as natural as possible; then doing his best not to panic as he unsuccessfully tries to peel off my face and talk me off of his dick when we pass by a State Trooper’s parked car. As soon as we exit the highway and enter our town’s rotary, the liquor’s tantalizing hold overpowers me. I am sleepy and suddenly, very tired yet my pussy’s still burning to be rimmed and torn apart some more; I slip in and out of consciousness begging to be fucked then quietly falling asleep.

I barely notice that we are home and the car’s parked. I hold on to his neck as D. picks me up, carries me past the lawn, up the steps and into our home. My eyes are closed and I fell nothing but a cool breeze flying fast past my messy air as he throws me onto the plush mattress, between the soft sateen sheets. The light is still off and in the still of the night; I hear the metallic clink of his belt coming undone, the ruffle of his shirt joining his jeans on the soft carpet. I taste his desire as his lips devour mine and proceed to kiss and trail my scent from my clit, up my navel, between my tits, on my erect nipples and between the valleys of my neck. I hold my breath as he spreads my legs wide and penetrates me without restrain. I lay back and give myself fully, into the pleasures I begged to receive and looked so forward to. Then darkness takes over and I slowly slip away content and free…

I wake up dazed and confused. I try to free myself from the mound of decorative pillows, sheets and orgasm towels keeping me prisoner in my own bed. But sensing my frantic escape maneuvers in his sleep, D. lifts me up to his chest, his eyes still closed, and a familiar, content grin spreading across his lips and asks the question I’ve always dreaded yet knew I might have to answer someday:
“Baby, Who Is Lolita Vida?”

Baby got cock


*I* D. has been an athlete most of his life and has worked in construction for a long time so not only does he have a great body and ass, he also has stamina to last for days.

*II* On average, sex between us, excluding foreplay, lasts for 45 minutes and when we are making up or have gone for more than a week without it, we can go on longer than an hour. Well, he does. I just end up half passed out and squirting all over the place.

*III* At any given time, one spot on our bed is soaking wet and most of our laundry consists of towels. My orgasms do get messy. I sometimes wonder where my body is keeping all the fluid because I have a small bladder.

*IV* D. speaks 5 languages and like me, He can fuck me silly in each one of them and then some.

*V* D. is a sexy, rugged and educated man who's had to work his way up from the bottom. He is also very quiet leading people to think that he is shy. He is just a freak, hiding in (very) plain sight.

*VI* I married a big (200 pounds)baby. D. will give you his life (or anything else you want) if you promise to caress him to sleep. He loves cuddling, kissing, holding hands but mostly, he loves showing others that I am his. He is not afraid of his emotions.

*VII* As a Dom/Sub, I should have married a Sub/Dom. Unfortunately for me, my heart settled on another Dom/Sub. Which I guess makes our sexual encounters newsworthy and our fights fiery.

*VIII* D. is my opposite. he is cool, calm, patient, a thinker and a savior of the day. I am crazy, talkative, impulsive and always the one to bring out the fun at parties. I can talk about pie and make it fun. I can also argue both sides of anything and not get lost. So I guess we compliment each other.

*IX* When it comes to our children, D. is a mother hen. Most of the time, he cares for them better than I do; making me wish he was a stay at home dad. Which brings us to the last point.

*X* I married a workaholic.

Ever wondered what to buy your naughtiest housewife or where you can find Steampunk Jewelry? Then wonder no more. I give you Daniel Proulx

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This is Lolita on Drugs [part 1]


D. and I have been fighting a lot lately, mainly because we are stressed and to be honest the two weeks without pussy didn’t help things much. I felt underappreciated, taken for granted and all that emotional crap most people in relationship feel when times get rough. But by the time Saturday, the night of party hosted by his cousin, rolled around everything was back to normal- after we fucked in our hair salon’s back lounge and he bought me an 18 carat, 3 tones gold ring worth $500 (for our 6th anniversary and maybe to make up).

I curled my hair extensions and made sure my make-up was flawless. I wore a skimpy black dress with 5’ heels and by the way men stared and the despising looks women threw my way, it was obvious that I was doing something right. After a glass of white Portuguese wine, we were off to the dance floor and dancing exactly the way we fuck- together, to the rhythm, on time and so freaky I felt his dick poking me from everywhere. Although not the best dancer around, I do have rhythm; I know how to shake my ass and hear the beat with my body. Right before the night ended, we refilled our glasses and as we left, I could feel the alcohol working its’ magic on my mind, body and soul.

I never drink so, it doesn’t really take much to get me intoxicated and as I sit with ass cheeks and my pussy flat against the warm, soft leather of our SUV and lay my head back to enjoy the tempting sounds, I feel myself relaxing, my mind clearing and blood rushing down to my clit. My pussy moistens and I can’t stop myself from spreading my legs and finger-fucking myself. I pant and moan likes a mad woman for D. to stop driving and fuck my cunt. I hold on to his arm as his hand takes over to satisfy my pussy’s sudden hunger. I am slightly aware of what we are doing, of how loudly I am moaning out the open window and of drivers turning around to joyously watch but I am too horny to care. I am too far gone to give a fuck who is watching happily or not.

I beg D., I Threaten D. and I bargain with D. to stop right now, to stop anywhere and fuck the life out of my coochie and as usual, it doesn’t take long for him to comply. We are back at the chili’s parking lot again and as soon as he parks the car, I stumble out the car. He grabs me, throws me back, head first, on my leather seat and by the time his belt is released, his pants down to his knees, my legs are already spread wide, my waist gyrating in anticipation and my right hand holding my lace thong away from my fragrant cunt. He penetrates me and I howl like a wounded wolf. He warns me to stop. He reminds me that people could be watching and I am so out of my mind turned on that I want them to watch, I want them to hear us, I want them to join us. He threatens the cops will come and I beg him to call them so they can witness how he is demolishing my pussy.

We move to the familiar beat, his fat cock deep inside my tightening pussy, his defined thighs slapping hard against my moist, exposed cheeks. He grabs me by the waist and my fingers dig deep into the leather. The pleasure is so great, electrifying and innocent, I orgasm and as juices flow out of me, onto the ground, his blue jeans and all over the car door, we continue to please, give and receive until I feel him explode into me and I hold my pelvic muscles thight and he falls flat on my back and he breathes out and his semen flows and seeps deep into every familiar crevice of my pulsating cunt…

[To be continued…]

My reflection


I SAW MYSELF reflected in the mirror and couldn’t believe how eight years could have flown by so fast but most shocking is, how I have grown from a girl into a woman, a wife and a mother. I saw myself reflected in the mirror and I smiled and I was proud.
I still remember the black shirt, the light blue jeans and mustard yellow Timberland boots D. wore the first time I met him in our High School guidance counselor’s office. I still remember the first time we kissed, made love to each other, dated, got married, moved into our first apartment, cried and laughed when we got pregnant, held our children for the first time, opened our hair salon and welcomed our first costumer in. I still remember the good times we had and although we have issues, problems, fights and disputes, at first try, at least at this very moment, I cannot bring up bad memories from this marriage, this family.
Reflected in my bathroom mirror is a 9 year old 24 year old woman. A woman struggling to find herself, yet knows herself enough to put her needs into words, into fulfillments; a woman who works hard to reach her dreams. There are days when I am afraid to grow up, afraid to grow old, wither and die with a life half lived. Days when I wish I could get a do-over pass and go back in my past and be a baby, a toddler or even a teenager again… But then it hits me and reality sets in, on the road I am traveling, there are no u-turns and unfortunately, no GPS to carefully guide and monitor my next move. The mistakes and rights I will ever make will be mine, they will be me.
As an adult, as a woman, as Lolita, I try my best to work hard, take care of my children and make my marriage work. I wake up every morning to do the right thing to make my children’s future brighter, roadblocks free. I raise them to be stronger than their mother, better than their mother. I have my ups, my downs and even my not so nice blahs. But when I saw myself reflected in the unlit bathroom mirror this morning, I looked deep into the flawed yet beautiful person, the battered but not broken girl that I once was, with compassion, with love I never felt for anyone before and it felt wonderful. I fell free. I accept myself for who I am. I accept me for who I am...

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Lolita Vida


*I* I have lived on two continents and set foot in 3 countries.

*II* I can fuck in 4 languages all of which I am fluent in. They include Francais, English, Espanol and one I shall not tell you.

*III* I keep my cunt trimmed short mainly because that is how D. likes it to look but also because the bald/child look freaks me out, besides I was never one to follow trends.

*IV* I am always late no matter what, no matter where I am going. I am never on time and hopefully death will follow my lead.

*V* I am slightly gay meaning that I like girls (not as much as I like boys though) but I don’t see myself as bi.

*VI* I can orgasm without outside touch and no it doesn’t feel the same or provide the same type of relief penetration or clitoral stimulation gives me but it does feel wonderful and amazing.

*VII* I prefer sorbet to Ice-cream and wouldn't do a damn thing for a Klondike bar.

*VIII* I own the world's most expensive toothbrush and so does D.

*IX* I look very sweet and innocent and most of the time I am a very nice person. But there is a piece of the devil that lives in me. I never strike first but I always fight back and win.

*X* I believe in happiness and it is the only thing I am pursuing in life. Without happiness, you can't get anything else.

Lolita in fuckland.


D. is an animal; there is just no other way to justify the things he does to me and I, I am a very naughty and selfish girl for bending over and taking it the way I do. But hey! why should I ever let a good cock go to waste, right? Besides, D.’s quarter sized burn finally healed yesterday and I guess having gone sexless for almost a week- a decade for D., and watching The Fast & the Furious 4 (soft-core porn, really) in our birthday suits must have driven him to the edge or given him the urge to prove that as always, his dick is locked, loaded and always at the ready. Lucky me!

As soon as the pimped-out cars on the screen drive off into the sunset on a chase for a higher high, D.’s chiseled legs intertwine with mine, a sly grin on his face. My man is such a pervert! He lifts me atop him and our lips meet. It doesn’t take long for lust to take over since we are both naked and horny as pimple faced teenagers at a porn drive-in and in an instant, I am laying flat on my back, on the carpeted floor, with D. rubbing his stiff cock on my wet, throbbing pussy. As my mind races and I moan out for him to penetrate and fuck me, he suddenly shakes his head once, a sure sign that his mind changed and without notice, his head sinks right between my thighs; I lean back and thoroughly enjoy his expert mouth’s exploits on my cunt.

As his temperature rises and sweat beads glisten around his bulging muscles, in the recessed lights’ soft glow, he savagely pulls me up against the wall and kneels between my knees; he spreads my legs wide, exposes my now erect clit and sucks me off clean to certain damnation... His deed done, D. rises up; lifting me with him, high on the wall. I am bewildered and shocked as I end up with my knees around his neck, my back firmly to the wall, my ass resting on his palms and my palms desperately trying to hold on to the smooth ceiling for balance. Although this is the second time D.’s eaten my pussy with me high up the air like this, with my whole pussy in his mouth, I am still taken aback by the boldness, his strength, the height, the pleasure and I howl like there is no tomorrow, like the windows aren’t wide open, the shades drawn back and no neighbors to be faced tomorrow. When D. comes up for air, it isn’t to let go of me, of my cunt but merely to flip me around, for my standing fantasy, before going right back to work. As I am upside down, with my pussy getting serviced the way I like and his cock getting waxed to perfection, I am so pleased and proud that I can feel my heart swelling and my eyes burning with tears different from the ones you get while choking on good dick.

When D. lays me back down on our bed and gets ready to penetrate and fuck my coochie, to make-up for Nudist Movie Night’s fiasco, I close my eyes and patiently await the pleasures and delights I am about to receive, I expect the emotions and love we are about to share- the way we share a bed and the air we breathe, to make us new again. But most importantly I await the connection that never fails to build us our bridge; the one that always reseals our marriage and never fails to bring us closer together to surface.

I open my eyes and succumb to the best sex of my life so far because D. never disappoints, never tires and never relents in his quest to keep me addicted to his good cock, to his rythm!