Lolita in fuckland.


D. is an animal; there is just no other way to justify the things he does to me and I, I am a very naughty and selfish girl for bending over and taking it the way I do. But hey! why should I ever let a good cock go to waste, right? Besides, D.’s quarter sized burn finally healed yesterday and I guess having gone sexless for almost a week- a decade for D., and watching The Fast & the Furious 4 (soft-core porn, really) in our birthday suits must have driven him to the edge or given him the urge to prove that as always, his dick is locked, loaded and always at the ready. Lucky me!

As soon as the pimped-out cars on the screen drive off into the sunset on a chase for a higher high, D.’s chiseled legs intertwine with mine, a sly grin on his face. My man is such a pervert! He lifts me atop him and our lips meet. It doesn’t take long for lust to take over since we are both naked and horny as pimple faced teenagers at a porn drive-in and in an instant, I am laying flat on my back, on the carpeted floor, with D. rubbing his stiff cock on my wet, throbbing pussy. As my mind races and I moan out for him to penetrate and fuck me, he suddenly shakes his head once, a sure sign that his mind changed and without notice, his head sinks right between my thighs; I lean back and thoroughly enjoy his expert mouth’s exploits on my cunt.

As his temperature rises and sweat beads glisten around his bulging muscles, in the recessed lights’ soft glow, he savagely pulls me up against the wall and kneels between my knees; he spreads my legs wide, exposes my now erect clit and sucks me off clean to certain damnation... His deed done, D. rises up; lifting me with him, high on the wall. I am bewildered and shocked as I end up with my knees around his neck, my back firmly to the wall, my ass resting on his palms and my palms desperately trying to hold on to the smooth ceiling for balance. Although this is the second time D.’s eaten my pussy with me high up the air like this, with my whole pussy in his mouth, I am still taken aback by the boldness, his strength, the height, the pleasure and I howl like there is no tomorrow, like the windows aren’t wide open, the shades drawn back and no neighbors to be faced tomorrow. When D. comes up for air, it isn’t to let go of me, of my cunt but merely to flip me around, for my standing fantasy, before going right back to work. As I am upside down, with my pussy getting serviced the way I like and his cock getting waxed to perfection, I am so pleased and proud that I can feel my heart swelling and my eyes burning with tears different from the ones you get while choking on good dick.

When D. lays me back down on our bed and gets ready to penetrate and fuck my coochie, to make-up for Nudist Movie Night’s fiasco, I close my eyes and patiently await the pleasures and delights I am about to receive, I expect the emotions and love we are about to share- the way we share a bed and the air we breathe, to make us new again. But most importantly I await the connection that never fails to build us our bridge; the one that always reseals our marriage and never fails to bring us closer together to surface.

I open my eyes and succumb to the best sex of my life so far because D. never disappoints, never tires and never relents in his quest to keep me addicted to his good cock, to his rythm!


The Duchess said...

Wow- very hot. And athletic! :P

Lolita V. said...

lol, that is why I recently withdrew my gym membership :D it became a waste, lol!

I hope you try'll it if you haven't yet and let me know how it went!

ladylyf said...

DAMN! What a 'reunion' after the weeklong abstinence. Now i'm the one hating you.

Lolita V. said...

@ ladylyf :p
Maybe D. reads this shit and I have no idea, huh. Oh well I don't feel sorry for you because a) You made fun of me and b) you should be on your way home getting the "trophy wife" treatment.

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