This is Lolita on Drugs [part 1]


D. and I have been fighting a lot lately, mainly because we are stressed and to be honest the two weeks without pussy didn’t help things much. I felt underappreciated, taken for granted and all that emotional crap most people in relationship feel when times get rough. But by the time Saturday, the night of party hosted by his cousin, rolled around everything was back to normal- after we fucked in our hair salon’s back lounge and he bought me an 18 carat, 3 tones gold ring worth $500 (for our 6th anniversary and maybe to make up).

I curled my hair extensions and made sure my make-up was flawless. I wore a skimpy black dress with 5’ heels and by the way men stared and the despising looks women threw my way, it was obvious that I was doing something right. After a glass of white Portuguese wine, we were off to the dance floor and dancing exactly the way we fuck- together, to the rhythm, on time and so freaky I felt his dick poking me from everywhere. Although not the best dancer around, I do have rhythm; I know how to shake my ass and hear the beat with my body. Right before the night ended, we refilled our glasses and as we left, I could feel the alcohol working its’ magic on my mind, body and soul.

I never drink so, it doesn’t really take much to get me intoxicated and as I sit with ass cheeks and my pussy flat against the warm, soft leather of our SUV and lay my head back to enjoy the tempting sounds, I feel myself relaxing, my mind clearing and blood rushing down to my clit. My pussy moistens and I can’t stop myself from spreading my legs and finger-fucking myself. I pant and moan likes a mad woman for D. to stop driving and fuck my cunt. I hold on to his arm as his hand takes over to satisfy my pussy’s sudden hunger. I am slightly aware of what we are doing, of how loudly I am moaning out the open window and of drivers turning around to joyously watch but I am too horny to care. I am too far gone to give a fuck who is watching happily or not.

I beg D., I Threaten D. and I bargain with D. to stop right now, to stop anywhere and fuck the life out of my coochie and as usual, it doesn’t take long for him to comply. We are back at the chili’s parking lot again and as soon as he parks the car, I stumble out the car. He grabs me, throws me back, head first, on my leather seat and by the time his belt is released, his pants down to his knees, my legs are already spread wide, my waist gyrating in anticipation and my right hand holding my lace thong away from my fragrant cunt. He penetrates me and I howl like a wounded wolf. He warns me to stop. He reminds me that people could be watching and I am so out of my mind turned on that I want them to watch, I want them to hear us, I want them to join us. He threatens the cops will come and I beg him to call them so they can witness how he is demolishing my pussy.

We move to the familiar beat, his fat cock deep inside my tightening pussy, his defined thighs slapping hard against my moist, exposed cheeks. He grabs me by the waist and my fingers dig deep into the leather. The pleasure is so great, electrifying and innocent, I orgasm and as juices flow out of me, onto the ground, his blue jeans and all over the car door, we continue to please, give and receive until I feel him explode into me and I hold my pelvic muscles thight and he falls flat on my back and he breathes out and his semen flows and seeps deep into every familiar crevice of my pulsating cunt…

[To be continued…]


Anonymous said...

nice story n great picture

Lolita Vida said...

Thank you DAA. I am glad you enjoyed reading it.

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