Lolita Vida


*I* I have lived on two continents and set foot in 3 countries.

*II* I can fuck in 4 languages all of which I am fluent in. They include Francais, English, Espanol and one I shall not tell you.

*III* I keep my cunt trimmed short mainly because that is how D. likes it to look but also because the bald/child look freaks me out, besides I was never one to follow trends.

*IV* I am always late no matter what, no matter where I am going. I am never on time and hopefully death will follow my lead.

*V* I am slightly gay meaning that I like girls (not as much as I like boys though) but I don’t see myself as bi.

*VI* I can orgasm without outside touch and no it doesn’t feel the same or provide the same type of relief penetration or clitoral stimulation gives me but it does feel wonderful and amazing.

*VII* I prefer sorbet to Ice-cream and wouldn't do a damn thing for a Klondike bar.

*VIII* I own the world's most expensive toothbrush and so does D.

*IX* I look very sweet and innocent and most of the time I am a very nice person. But there is a piece of the devil that lives in me. I never strike first but I always fight back and win.

*X* I believe in happiness and it is the only thing I am pursuing in life. Without happiness, you can't get anything else.


CTVicky said...

Great post but how does one f in four languages? I thought it was the same whatever country you did it in!

KINKY said...

Loved the article.

I like how you are some what Gay but dont consider yourself Bi... Hot.

I believe all women have a little bitch in them.

Great read....

I am ekiM said...

nicE.. I like how you put it in number iv and I'm pursuing the same thing you're pursuing in number x..

great post.

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