TMI Tuesday #194


SO TODAY, FOR the first time ever, I'm playing TMI. Enjoy!!!

1. Where was the first place you ever had sex?
My first time took place on D.'s bed while his roomates were downstairs. It was scary but the thrill of knowing that others could hear us and maybe get turned on in return was the icing on the cake.

2. How often do you lie?
I try to be as honest as possible and then I usually tell tiny white lies. Those don't count, right?

3. If you could only be one, would you rather be smart or good looking?
Smart by far. Beauty fades and anyone who wants you for your looks will surely move on once the tide turns. Besides with brains you can make enough money to pay Dr. 90210.

4. Have you ever passed out or suffered memory loss from drinking too much?
I don't drink. I like to remember every moment, every detail in the morning.

5. Top or bottom?
Why choose if you can have it any which way? I like to experiment. The same thing twice bores me so, I switch things up.

Bonus: Do you have any catalogs for toys/videos/lingerie delivered to your home?
Yes, I get Adam & Eve, Victoria's Secret, etc... You know, the "normal" ;)


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