The door shut behind...


...him but I refuse to look up. From the page I was already struggling to read, I watch his shadow’s deformed hand stroke its’ oversized, exposed cock and I knew right then that I was in deep trouble. In trouble for laying spread eagle and half naked in bed pretend reading, in trouble for refusing to fuck him for the last 4 days and thinking that I could get away with it.

Yes, I am in trouble but, after all, this is the kind of trouble I like to stir up and love to enjoy most. I flinch when his cold hand trails the curves of my tight ass, up my shivering spine before pulling on my tousled hair. But I refuse to look up. He straddles my back with his full weight- to punish me and I struggle for breath. He leans in and calmly whispers his minty breath in my ear “The way I see it, you either you let me fuck you or I rape you.” I turn to slap him but the black belt in him sees my move coming even before my hand is up and before I can free myself from his tight grip, he’s already flipped me on my back; the sly grin on his face telling me that, once again, he wins.

With one hand, he pins both my hands above my head and as much as I try to wriggle my way out of his touch, I know this to be a losing battle and it doesn’t take long for his free hand to travel up my smooth legs, between my soft thighs and into my warm pussy.
“Fuck you!” I spit into his eyes.
“You will!” He deliberately smiles.
I try to resist the immediate bliss that envelops me. But soon enough, my body stops listening and the moans that escape my throat, I cannot control.
“I know you like this! You like that?” he taunts me and as soon as my hips start gyrating around his fingers’ beat and the urge that inform me that an orgasm is imminent takes over, he stands up. I am still dazed with pleasure but awake enough to realize what he is doing to me. But I will not beg for his cock. I won’t! I won’t! I tell myself, I lie to myself. He kisses my breath away; I lose myself in the waves of pleasure.

My back arches and my pussy throbs, impatient. As he penetrates me and we begin to dance to the frenetic beat we’ve perfected a familiar yet still electric currents take over. He pulls my legs up to my chest and from above, D. fucks me into submission. He fucks me until I beg for more, for him to stop, for him to finish me. I beg to be taken, to be received, given and made whole again.
I beg D. and I wouldn't have it any other way.

There is a lot of sexiness and fucking going on around today. So, please stop by and comment on my favorite bloggers’ takes on our monthly 'May I seduce you' posts!

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Topaz said...

I admire the attempt at resistance! Nice work, but there is only so much we can take before we succumb, no?I admire the attempt at resistance! Nice work, but there is only so much we can take before we succumb, no?

The Duchess said...

First time here, glad you joined the group. Loved the post and will definitely be back...

Lolita V. said...

@Topaz I tried, I always try but I guess the body knows what it wants and I guess even I am not strong enough to stop it =)

@Duchess Thanks for the welcome, I am glad you enjoyed my peace. You are welcome to stop by anytime.

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

i can't help but find eerie similarities in your take on this month's prompt and britni's. of course the similarities end in that you enjoyed your "punishment" (though i took a look at your non-facetious "is it still rape if i enjoyed it?" post and continue to find similarities there). phew.

at any rate, i'm glad you had such a good evening and shared it with the rest of us. ;) welcome to the group posts (this is only my second time) and have fun! :D

Lolita V. said...

@Danimo, I checked out Britni's post after reading you comment and I guess great minds think alike. =)
Thanks for the welcome and I hope the read was worth your while.

Kimberly said...

"I beg to be taken, to be received, given and made whole again."
This is an incredible line - you just nailed it!! Wow!
(I apologize for the late comment, but your moderation settings were not giving me a box to put the words in when I tried on the 15th...)

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