July Fuckworks


EVERY SUMMER, our town hosts an eleven day fair and every year, one of those days falls on the fourth of July. Since we wanted to celebrate the day alone, we decided to spend the whole day having fun at the fair.

Around here going to the fair means showing up in skimpy outfits that reveal more than they cover and so, I put on my favorite sheer black top with matching lace push-up bra and D.’s favorite deep blue booty shorts and because they are so tight and I am already in a freaky mood, I smile and forgo panties. We go on all the scary rides early and sit side by side while I scream my head off swearing to never do it again and D. laughs at me for freaking out and still going back for more. At around 10 pm, with our extra tickets left we decide to go on the Ferris wheel and for some reason, we are stuck high above the skyline and when the whole town is lit up by neighborhood firework displays, we kiss to celebration and I place D.’s right hand on my thigh. By habit, he caresses me and gently slides his fingers, past the thin layer of denim, into my wet pussy

For a brief moment, he stops- surprised by my boldness and lack of inhibitions and I can tell by the way his fingers work me out that he is both revolted and hurt by my exposing something that so closely belongs to him yet quite turned on by the surprise. Overtaken with pleasure, I close my eyes, tilt my head back, against the cold metal of our seat, and enjoy him fully. When the ride starts moving again, I open my eyes and unbeknownst to us, there is an old couple, watching and smiling, above us. The midnight fireworks that close the July 4th celebration put the stars that usually lit up our skies to shame it was so beautiful. It lasted for more than 15 minutes and each explosion was more grandiose than the one prior. And it didn’t hurt that the whole thing was accompanied by a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar by a gray Santa Claus.

From the moment we leave the parking lot and get closer to the highway, I quietly proceed to strip. I remove and toss my shorts and since my seat is heated and warm, I spread my legs wide and arch my back to take it in fully. Slowly, one by one, my buttons come undone. It doesn’t take long for my bra to join the rest of my clothes, on the floor. I am scared shitless that we might get pulled over by a cop and taken to jail, but this needs to be done, the adrenaline that’s still rushing tells me. Without my prompting, D. takes the first exit in sight and veers into an empty parking lot, behind a foreclosed Chili’s restaurant.

The space is tight for people as tall as we are, the lampposts around us are sensitive to movement and to top it all off, the radio is playing a hip-hop song about cops, complete with blaring sirens; yet none of this gets in our way. We kiss and fuck like horny teenagers in the back of our SUV. We fuck like we just met and had we been ticketed for it, it would have been worth every cent!

Happy (Belated) 4th of July!!


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