Birthday Sex!


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D. IS ALWAYS HORNY and a second away from an erection that will blow any pornstar off the screen and because he is so sexual, a day or two without sex leaves him breathless and sulking in the corner. Back when withholding and refusing him sex was the norm for us, he used to remind me at every chance he got of my lack of appreciation for a faithful, loving and sexually competent husband but since I decided to let go and give in to our carnal needs, his argument no longer holds. So, stressing and sulking are the new weapons. But on nights when I am just too tired to remember or care, I blissfully trade in the kink for the warmth of my pillow. For the last three days, our two small bosses, everyday life and running the salon have been getting in the way of our late night and early morning romp sessions.

So, t’was the night before my 24th birthday and the tension and attitude towards each other came to a crashing halt when D. asked me to join him in the living room; he needed to talk to me. It all started with a calm and adult discussion to figure out the “problem”. I already knew that the “problem” stemmed from 3 long, fuckless nights that left D. horny as hell and sulky. But as usual, the “talk” quickly escalated into a BIG fight (most of which I can’t remember or frankly care to) in which he called me lazy and selfish and I stuck-up and a fucking jerk. He threatened to leave and I opened to door for him. He picks up his work stuff and laptops and the next moment, we are on the loveseat fucking. I know! I know! This is not healthy but fighting tends to lead us to fucking.

As he pulls me close and tears my shirt off, I kiss him madly, I kiss his breath away. With one hand, he unclasps my bra and cups my right tit. The warmth of his hand against my raw skin travels like wildfire through my body and settle on the tip of my erect clit. His lips move away from mine to my neck, my breasts, my stomach before settling on my pussy. I hold on to his curly hair and as I guide him, he swiftly lifts and turns me upside down. I grab onto his cock for dear life and the sensation of my cunt getting explored and swallowed whole with the rest of me hanging drives me off the edge and it doesn’t take long before I start begging to fuck him. The loveseat is littered with clothes and picture frames that (2 months after moving) we still haven’t gotten around to putting up and away but this doesn’t stop us. With one hand, D. clears the lot and we are right back at it.

D. lifts me and gently places me on the couch and in the first time for what seems like an eternity, we make slow, soul baring love. We gaze into each other’s eyes and the fears, needs and future reflected in them don’t scare us because at the end of the day, no matter how much, how hard we fight, we can fuck our way back. Like D. says, we are renewed with every orgasm. Sex is our eraser, our equalizer and today, as the clock reads 01:12AM, it is the first, the best gift I receive on my 24th Birthday.


Nothing Profound said...

Lolita-my birthday isn't till the end of August but I'll consider this piece of erotica a present from you to me. Thanks for sharing your pleasure.

Lolita V. said...

Oh Profound you are making me blush with delight :D consider this a preview for your birthday (which I'll be celebrating too, btw). I am glad you enjoyed reading my fun.

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