Today I got toe-fucked!


THE KIDS ARE fast asleep in their respective beds and D. is mindlessly enjoying the hot soup I just served him while going over some construction materials he’d received from the State. I take a sit across from him. He doesn’t notice as I spread my legs; my damp red Victoria’s Secret robe falling to my sides, revealing my shy cunt. He doesn’t look up as I caress and grab my pussy. When I suck on my left index, lick my plump lips and slowly finger fuck myself, he just turns another page. I turn on my clit hummer and firmly place it right onto my pink bud. But Because I sense his full attention on me, I ignore him and focus on giving myself the best clit orgasm any woman’s ever had.

The effect is immediate. Warmth fills my insides as a long wave of pleasure, that starts in the middle of my back, wraps me in delights I can only qualify as ecstasy. My hungry pussy throbs and contracts around my, now, two frenetic fingers. While I wrestle with myself not to remove the vibrator from its grip on my seed, I instinctively bite my shoulder to refrain from moaning the neighbors awake. I look into D.’s feverous eyes and I can tell that my boldness has not only taken him aback, but it’s gotten his cock as erect as a flagpole. Silently thanking this blog for my newfound audacity, I will myself not to blush or stop. I am surprised when my moans turn into drunken giggles then loud sobs. I mean, WTF??

I almost topple over when D. grabs, then effortlessly pulls my chair closer to his. He puts his right foot on my chair, right between my legs, to steady us. The incident leaves me dazed for only a second but long enough for his voice, rogue with desire, to order me to spread my legs wider to let him watch. I hold on to the table and comply. Without notice, his tick, cold hallux- his big toe, penetrates my soaked cunt and to my surprise, I love the tight, snug feel against my throbbing insides. With the vibrator making me hornier by the second and the toe hitting my G-spot just right, it takes little for me to cum- hard! I feel my release rising up deep in my groin, swelling in my bladder and bubbling up to my urethra. But I am too ecstatic to care that soon, my orgasm will gush out of me like a faulty faucet, sink deep into my favorite chair and down the tiles I so carefully picked out in a mean Home Depot line-up. D. is surprised by how fast I orgasm but with a proud grin he stands up:

“Now, let me show you what Big Toe’s daddy can do for you baby. Bend over!”

I obediently do as I’m told because in the eight years we’ve been married and the nine we’ve been fucking, every orgasm, every sigh, every moan and word uttered during sex, has been genuwine and it's mostly because D. is just a great mother fucker.


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