Clitoris, revenge of the sobbing orgasms


MY EXPERIENCES WITH vibrators are very limited because quite frankly, I never felt a need for them and I’m afraid that once I finally bought my first one, I wasn’t even sure how to use it or what to do with it at first. A while back, while in the heat of the moment, D. bought “blue” out and while we fucked, he gently massaged my clit while slowly increasing the pressure as we went along. Let me just say that like the Doublemint twins, vibrators do double your pleasure!

In the few weeks we’ve added them to our sex arsenal, I’ve noticed that a vibrator against my pink flower bud shields me from any discomfort I might feel during hardcore sex. The (double) stimulation breaks my barriers and swiftly brings forth my horny side and believe it or not, she is usually very shy. The stimulust also makes me want more, deeper, faster and harder. The pleasure I get from a vibrator’s contact against my clitoris is so delightfully intense that I can only stand it while D. is fully in me (or else I’d bite my hand off) and then it’s only for a few minutes at best. I feel a flood that starts, out of all places, from the middle of my back and just pushes out of me in a sea of beautiful thumping contractions.

But the thing that surprises me most about my relationship with vibrators is the orgasms I get from them. There is no squirting or moaning- my usual; just pleasure that takes my breath away and literally paralyze me and loud, wake-up the children sobs. Yes, sobs! And don’t you dare ask me what I’m sobbing about because I don’t have a damned clue!



The Baxteria said...

That's a beautiful detail of your experience. Anyway your posts will serve as tips for girls who want to be independent women. Happy blogging!

Lolita V. said...

Hi Baxteria (cool name BTW)
When a started blogging, my main goal was to improve my sex life by having more sex. I thought that the commitment of having to post about my trysts here would make me want to have more sex and it has worked. But then I realized that there are women out there going through the same thing as I am and I hope to not only share what I know, but also to learn from them if and when they are willing to share with me. Thanks for visiting and for such kind words.

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