Just fuck him!


AT SOME POINT, for most women in committed relationships, sex becomes just another daunting chore to get through at the end of a long exhausting day. We let marital issues, children and stress get in the way of the (most?) important aspect of our marriage that also used to be one of our favorite activity; way back when the love was new, the sex magnificent. As impossible as it may seem, there is a way out of the sexless blues we know and despise so greatly.

*I*The body you used to have is gone and unfortunately, it ain’t coming back. I know it sucks but you better get to loving your new body, exercising more, eating healthy and moving on. Plus, chances are, your spouse doesn’t give a damn about, or even notice, your physical changes. If your man is anything like most men out there, he care more about what you taste like and how many times you let them hit it.

*II*Watch porn! There is no easier way to get in the mood than watching (skillful?) actors going at it like there is no tomorrow. So, put your inhibitions aside, google “free porn” and watch. Watch ‘til your mind races and you pussy tingles.

*III*Government checks aren’t the only way to getting a gratifying and free stimulus. Reading erotic stories prior to getting it on and keeping a steamy sex diary are sure ways to getting the fuck me now fire ablaze and raging.

*IV*No matter how tired you are when he rolls over and “accidentally” pokes you in the ass with his dick, you have to admit that sex is still pleasurable when you let go and participate. It relaxes and de-stresses better than a shiatsu massage; plus you can’t be the price. So, next time the urge to say no to your man overcomes you, resist fiercely! There was a time in my marriage when while other couples fought over money, bills and children, D. and I constantly fought over sex. If I didn’t give him an “I’m tired”, it was an unconvincing “later”; He pressured and I panicked, but nothing changed. We tried anything to have more, better sex. From pacts to fuck daily, to never saying no, nothing worked. But when I decided to have sex for my own, much deserved pleasure and blog about it things changed tremendously. Now, we get to fight over my poor habits.

*V*Stuck at home all day with brats? Finally out of the clutch of an asshole boss? Ready to unwind but you just don’t know how to let go of the stress long enough to give into the carnal pleasures your partner is offering? Tuck the kids in, uncork a champagne bottle and toast the fact that you are lucky enough to have a dick-on-command* and use the opportunity to get spermed, because if you don’t, it will be your loss anyway and besides, someone else just might.


autumn said...

lolita, you are absolutely right. it's so easy to get caught up in the stresses, but if we just let go of the day and embrace the moment it's often very sweet.

i have to giggle cause i used to get turned down sometimes. i have such a high sex drive that it was the opposite of many male/female relationships. i get all cranky after a few days. not as a single woman, but if there's someone right there you're damn right i wanna hit it. :)

Lolita V. said...

Well you are lucky:) and I am striving to be like you. There were times when D. would run around the house cranky as hell and it's when I realized that for him angry equals horny, things turned out better. Now, I am the one begging to fuck :)

Anonymous said...

love making is better than sex and there is a differance

Lolita said...

@ Anon, I think most women prefer making love but that's not my style. Besides, wheter you call it sex, fucking, romping, etc... if you are doing it and loving it, I say more power to you! Don't you?

Dragonfly said...

Great info for me here, i hope, i hope you'll visit & comment in my blog too...have a nice day for U

Lolita V. said...

Hi Dragonfly, I am glad you learned something. Now run home and apply it =)

In the Moment said...

Wow, do you have any sisters, friends are wannabe you's? I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to read about a woman who wants her man. It is a stunning aphrodisiac, and I am so glad to read about you have figured things out... What any man wouldn't give to have a woman like you. God, to be wanted like that... I cannot fathom it... not at all. Thank you for sharing this. It gives me hope to know that you exist. Maybe there are others out there as well. You should write books, teach classes... overthrow Oprah, and showcase your kind of knowledge... Wow again.

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