I am so CAUGHT up!


REMEMBER USHER'S SONG? The one we all rocked to and sang our hearts out to on the highway- even though everyone was looking at us like we were crazy but we didn't care because the lyrics rang so true? (Well at least I did). Since I first announced my divorce and left D., my life has taken turns that still leave me breathless, speechless and wondering when I'll stop threading water and feel solid ground under my feet and heart.

D. was very surprised the day I left with the kids for my parents. And because he loved me still and wanted me back, we talked and saw each other. At first, I didn't want to see or talk to him. But he persevered and as the anger and hurt I felt started wearing off, we poured our hearts out and decided to give it a second chance- not for our kids, not for our families or what the world would say/think (at least on my end). I knew it was too early but because I had so much faith in us, love him still and wanted more of our goodbye fuck (I know, goodbye fucks mess up everything,lol!), I returned home four days after I left him, our home and business.

We couldn't get our hands off of each other, fucking like we just met, gazing into each other's eyes and showering together. He insisted I sleep on him and held me until the sun rose (still does). Everything felt new again, like we just met, like we were on our honeymoon. The world was happy to see us back together and I was right where I fell in love again. 3 days later, after a fight that left me 110% hopeless when it came to our relationship, I left for my parents' house AGAIN! This time for good!

Or so I thought!

Yes, I came back. Our marriage is not perfect, but I am caught up in the love, the hate, the lust, the pain, the happiness, the children, the business and everything we've built and torn and rebuilt- regardless of how imperfect it is, I am caught in this life and I wish I wasn't but I am glad I am. I am glad this is my life, with the good, the bad, the ugly, the orgasms and realities that at the end of the day, I go home to a decent man who makes me cum like it's the last time we'll fuck and holds me tight until the sun rises the rest is just another day to get through- another day, I am thankful to see and feel.

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nothingprofound said...

Glad to have you back. Obviously, there are a lot of good things between you two, so I hope it all works out.

TJ Lubrano said...

Welcome back Lolita! No one will judge you for your actions. No one knows what you feel, need and want but you. You make the decisions in your life and as long as it feels right...go for it! I hope it will all work out for you ^_^. All the luck!

Lolita V. said...

Thanks guys. We are working hard to make it work but to be very honest, this is the last try: The make or break. I am giving it my all and praying for the best.

Anonymous said...

I hope you two find your way and have a long and happy-ish life together. It's hard but worth it, I'm glad you're both still trying

Ralph Ivy said...

I'm for you and yours, Ms. Lolita. You appear to be certainly caught up in the vortex of life. It can certainly be a swirl of emotions, desires, fears, doubts, and hope. You have courage, wit, creativity, energy - and LIVING YOUR LIFE! 5 stars to you!

WagerWitch said...

That chick just peed on the road... LMAO!

Anyhow LoLs whatever you write - you will ALWAYS be good at kindling the imagination and inspiring the hormones. LOVE YOU!

Hayley said...

Peeing on the road is an awesome way to express yourself.

Babe said...

Hey there gal, it's good to see your back to blogging again.

Paul C said...

You should post a real picture of yourself, my curiosity has peeked lol

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Gray said...

*begs* please please update?:)

Miss Missives said...

You've been reviewed, try not to cry.

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